A new paradigm in IT Service and Support for SMEs.

Way back in the year 2000 RODAIR Systems were the first IT Support company to offer fully inclusive IT support contracts to small and medium sized businesses. Since then the others have jumped on-board and now most every IT support company is offering the same thing, so we thought it was time we set the pace again and are launching SupportPACK
So what is SupportPACK?
SupportPACK is our IT Support service to ensure that your key business IT systems are protected in the most cost effective way.  We've carried out extensive market research into how small and medium businesses rely on their IT systems to keep their businesses running and provide them with a competitive advantage.  In the process we also discovered that the traditional way support companies charge for their services hasn't kept pace with their requirements and so we've completely redefined and restructured our support offering to match these requirements.
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