Which Cloud is right for me? Public 'v' Private 'v' Hybrid
By now, everybody has probably heard about the 'Cloud'. However, do you know the difference between Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud?

Public and private cloud offerings range from personal services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Apple iCloud to enterprise-focused services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Public cloud solutions are usually sub...scription-based services where the hardware or software, or both, are rented and where organisations purchase storage, email and/or application services on an as-needed basis. Many companies have been wary of adopting public cloud services due to concerns about everything from security and reliability to regulatory compliance.

Private clouds emerged in response to these fears. Private clouds can be on-premise solutions or hosted by a third party. The relevance is that they are secured to only be used by the owning organisation.

Hence the birth of the hybrid cloud. It was created to combine the best features from both public and private clouds. It blends on-premises and off-premises solutions, which are usually linked with each other. Depending on the solutions, IT staff and end users may even use the same tools for managing, provisioning, and monitoring both systems.

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